Le vestiaire de Clé
Le vestiaire de clé is a french label Charlotte lsm. created 3 years ago for her and her young sister Cle. The VDJ propose very simple clothes in linen or wool, in neutral colors like white, grey or black essentially. Often inspired by old clothes or photographies, the clothes are whitout criterion ...
Basique Robe Manches Longues Lin Noir 3 saves
Nude Tennis Bensimon 1 save
Long Sleeves Blouse Indigo Fabric 2 saves
Crossed Blouse White Fabric 1 save
Off White Sweat Shirt Baserange 2 saves
Nude Tee Shirt Baserange 1 save
Trousers Indigo Fabric 1 save
Vintage Underpants Objet Trouve 1 save
Sleeveless Coat Thick Indigo Linen 2 saves
Black High Waist Panty Baserange 9 saves
Nude Tank Top Body Baserange 11 saves
Grey Saoural Thai Album Di Famiglia 5 saves
Long Tank Top Album Di Famiglia 1 save
Long Sleeves Dress White Fabric 3 saves
White Pleated Dress Basic Chic 6 saves
Classical Trousers Grey Sweat Shirt 1 save
Sleeveless Tunic In White Linen 7 saves
Simple Cape In Recycled Wool Basiques 1 save
Indigo Colorsole Tennis Bensimon 7 saves
Short Sleeves Dress Natural Fabric 2 saves
Robe A Plis En Lin Blanc Basic Chic 1 save
Robe Nicce Pipsqueak Chapeau Etc... 2 saves
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