Giant Mirrors to Decorate Your Home With Style

Giant Mirrors In Living Room Featuring Mantel and Wall Mirrors
Credit: CB2

We want to let you on a little secret, and it’s all about something quite big: giant mirrors are the way forward when it comes to clever interior design. Most people just see mirrors as a way to view their reflection when they’re brushing their teeth, or putting the final touches together on an outfit, but mirrors are worth so much more than this casual relationship. We’re here to make things more serious, and to show you how you can get the most out of your mirrors when you decide to go big.

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Why We Love Giant Mirrors?

So you already know that we are a bit obsessed with giant mirrors, but you’re probably still wondering why. Maybe you’re thinking: “What’s so good about a big mirror compared to a small or average sized one?”. We have a good answer, so listen up.

The simple truth is that a large mirror can instantly transform a room in your home, whether it’s your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but by their very nature, they can make your room look bigger, brighter and more interesting. This is especially helpful if your home isn’t blessed with a lot of natural light, whether it’s a basement flat in the city or a character cottage in the countryside.

Giant Mirror Featuring Gio Ponti for Gubi Rectangular Wall MirrorLarge wall round mirror living room warehouse
Credit: Conran Shop and Pinterest

When you come to looking for a giant mirror yourself, you’ll find a world of options available; far more than you’ll probably expect to find. There are plenty of different sizes of “giant” available so you can find something that suits the dimensions of your room. You’ll also find various mirror shapes, from those with defined angles to those that are more flowing and rounded. We love how these shapes can add visual interest with minimal effort.

Another aspect of your search will be the material and colour of the mirror frame, as there will be both metal and wood border options available, so choose whichever suits the rest of your home interiors whilst still giving you the contrast you’ll need for it to stand out. If you like to follow current trends for warm coloured metals such as rose gold and copper, you’ll be able to find a mirror that meets these requirements too.

The Benefits of Giant Mirrors

Now you’ve had a bit of an introduction into our appreciation of the humble mirror, we thought it would be best if we covered everything in a bit more detail. We want you to love these design pieces just as much as we do, so we’ve outlined all the insider knowledge you’ll ever need on giant mirrors. On reflection, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before having one in your home.

They Make Your Room Look Bigger

We aren’t the type to save the best for last, so we wanted to hit you with this statement nice and early on: a large mirror can make your room look bigger than it really is. This is always welcome news, regardless of the amount of available square feet you have in your home. However, it will be of particular interest if your rooms are on the smaller side, such is the way of city living that many of us are familiar with.

Giant mirror cb2 demi acrylic
Credit: CB2

The rule here is to be brave. It might be tempting to choose a smaller frame if your room is on the petite side, but you’ll benefit if you decide to go big. A giant mirror adds the illusion of space and dimension, as it reflects parts of your room to make it feel much less boxy. There is also the added benefit of having to find fewer decorative pieces for your wall, as you’re able to make such a big impact with only one item.

When it comes to mounting your mirror, there is a handy trick to keep in mind. Try and place your mirror somewhere you can easily see it from the place you usually sit or recline, as this will deliver the maximum impact for you when you’re in your home. It can help you to see more of your other decor pieces when they’re reflected back at you, whether a wall clock, shelf or a vase; great if you don’t always spot your favourite things from where you’re sat.

They Brighten Your Room

Ready for the next benefit of a giant mirror? It won’t just make your room look bigger, but it’ll make it look brighter too! Now you’re probably starting to understand why we’re such fans of these home interior pieces; they deliver so much impact without needing to spend time and money hanging up lots of different items.

The best way to use a large mirror to make your room appear brighter, is to combine its use with another couple of tricks. The first is to position it somewhere it can reflect any source of natural light coming into your room, so either across from a window, or your room entrance if you don’t have any windows in your living space. The next is to choose a light colour palette for your room, in terms of wall dressings and other furnishings.

Giant Wall Mirror in bathroomGiant Mirror with Steel Frame
Credit: Pinterest

Using light colours will ensure that your room doesn’t look too cluttered or overbearing, allowing your mirror to reflect more light back to you. A darker palette would tend to absorb light, rather than reflecting it, even though it can look visually appealing in larger spaces.

With maximising space in mind, you could also strip back on some of your lesser used possessions, to reduce the amount of things taking up valuable space in your room. Find a subtle home for everything, so you don’t have bits and bobs out of place and looking cluttered. Try adding some neat shelves on another wall in your room to keep everything tidy, and they’ll look great reflected in your mirror as an added bonus.

They Add Visual Interest

We’ve already covered how mirrors can work their magic in terms of perceived space and light, so let’s talk about another benefit. It seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth going into anyway; a giant mirror can quickly add visual interest to your room. This can be a welcome addition to your decor, especially if you have plain white walls.

When it comes to the mirror you choose, contrast is always key. Try and find one that has a different coloured frame to the colour of your walls, which will really help the mirror to stand out, instead of blending in.

Giant Mirror Featuring Diamond-Shaped Piero Lissoni For Glas Italia Kooh-I-Noor Mirror
Credit: Conran Shop

If you’re lucky enough to have a large room, you could think about positioning your large mirror towards the centre of the longest wall; this will help to add dimension and break up the room. It’s not only smaller spaces that can benefit from bigger mirrors.

And remember that you will have plenty of options, whether your room is on the smaller side or has oodles of space. You can buy mirrors that are designed to be wall mounted, whereas others can be placed on the floor against the wall. Standing mirrors can look really cool, but are probably better used in homes without young children and pets running around.

They Make a Statement

A giant mirror can give you that vital visual interest, but it can also make a bold statement rather than simply breaking up the spaces in your room. If you have quirky interiors, remember this will be reflected in your mirror so you can see your furnishings from another angle.

Whether you have hung up a poster of your favourite band, a textile wall hanging, or your favourite artwork, you’ll be able to enjoy it in a completely new light as you will have many more opportunities to see it, wherever you are in the room.

Styling giant round wall mirror with plant in bedroom
Credit: Pinterest

It’s not just what you have on the walls either, it’s the mirror itself. You could get creative and piece together small mirrors to create your own larger one, or just find one that is ready made and a little bit different. You will be amazed at the varieties available when you start to look.

When you start your search, look out for unique shapes that could help you to make a statement on your walls. You’ll want to create as much contrast as possible, so go bold and find a giant mirror that is at odds with the rest of your furnishings so it doesn’t blend in. If you have lots of fluid curves in your room, go for something angular and edgy. If your furniture is more on the boxy side, go rounded instead.

Another way you can play around with your jumbo mirror is to try it out in both orientations before you find its final place to hang or sit. What looks better in your room: horizontal or vertical? Some mirrors could also be positioned diagonally depending on their design!

Practical Style Tips for Giant Mirrors

Before you go ahead and find your perfect giant mirror, we’ve got some final style tips for you to take away. As there are so many different style available, you’ll probably want some recommendations about what sort of frame you should buy.

If you have decorated your home with opulence in mind, you might prefer a large mirror with a gilded frame. They never fail to make a grand impression, so could be the most complementary option for your interiors, whilst still bringing something a bit special to the table.

Modern interiors go hand-in-hand with more minimalist designs, such as warm or dark coloured metals. Something a bit more abstract can work too, combining the elements of art and mirror together to make an interesting statement.

Finally, if your home is on the rustic side, you’ll be better off looking at frames made from wood. There are many types of wood, as well as different finishes, so you can find something that pairs nicely with your other furniture and decor.

Whatever you choose, remember that you don’t need to choose a “safe” option if you want your mirror to stand out in your room. Complementary is one thing, but you won’t need to match it exactly to everything else you already own.

Quick Tips for Giant Mirror Decoration

  • Always choose a mirror that will deliver the maximum contrast on your walls, so look for interesting and bold designs.
  • Position your mirror opposite the best natural source of light in your room, such as a window or door.
  • In larger rooms, position your mirror centrally on the longest wall to break up the spaces.
  • Giant mirrors work best with neutral wall coverings so your room doesn’t look cluttered and busy.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with the orientation of your mirror, so try seeing whether it works best vertically or horizontally.
  • If you don’t have pets or young children, you could look at a mirror that sits on the floor, rather than being wall mounted.

On That Note

If you’re ready to make a giant change to your living spaces, you’ll probably agree that a large mirror could be the way to do it. We love that adding one item to a wall can make such a difference to a room; who wouldn’t want a lighter, brighter, and more interesting space to live in? Of course, you can always continue to add extra furnishings and objects that can further enhance the look and feel of your room, such as candles, wall sconces, and other wall lights. After all, what’s a home without those perfect finishing touches?

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