Nuji joined Klarna

The team, the platform and the technology we have built at Nuji has been acquired by Klarna. We’re excited to keep exploring just how "smoooth" the future shopping experience can become.

Klarna is Europe's most valued private Fintech company. With 85 million shoppers, 200,000 retail partners and one million transactions per day, they offer a wide range of products and services within payments, social shopping, and personal finances.

Founded by Anton Meryl Nithianandan, Dean Fankhauser and Vincent Thome, Nuji has been on a great journey over the years. The team has loved building a platform which helped millions of shoppers discover, curate and shop the best fashion and lifestyle products from across the web.

Alongside great search and recommendation technologies, easy filtering, beautiful curation and inspiring content, we brought together over 50,000,000 items and 10,000 designers from the best online stores, brands and boutiques.

We are so pleased to have connected our amazing community with so many retailers, large or small.

We want to thank all our users, curators, partners and retailers who have supported us along the way as well as Virginia Aranaz who was instrumental to Nuji.

You’ve all made Nuji such a special place.

If you have enjoyed using Nuji and want to be kept in the loop, we hope you will follow us to our new home. Feel free to reach out to us at or check our FAQs below.


Will Klarna have access to my personal data?

No, Klarna is not acquiring or taking over any personal data. All personal data will be permanently deleted.


How do I stay updated with what you're working on next?

You can email us at to receive updates or follow Klarna.


As a partner of Nuji, how do I keep the relationship going with Klarna?

You can email us at and we will make sure we introduce you to the relevant team at Klarna.